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Making Custom Drapes from Store Bought Panels

So what do you do when custom designer drapes are not in the budget? After you’ve shopped around you will find that store bought panels fall short in many categories: they don’t fit, they are not the right color, or they lack in style.

With a little sewing skills and a new perspective, you will soon find that store bought panels are just the beginning to your creativity.


Home Decor: Chic on the cheap

CBS 8) – In this economy, many people are trying to save money by spending time at home. Now even if you’re on a budget, you can give your house a designer look, with a few simple tricks.

While there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there, News 8’s Marcella Lee would have never even dreamed of attempting anything like that, until a couple weeks ago.

Marcella’s twins turn five this month, and she realized it was time to do away with the nursery they’ve shared, give them their own rooms and update her room, as well.

All of that decorating can be costly. But then Marcella met a local designer who taught her how easy and inexpensive it can be.

See how to go Chic on the Cheap in News 8’s Marcella Lee’s video report.

Outdated headboard gets new life in a little girls room

aubreys-headboard-before-pic   aubreys-headboard3-1

I found this great 1960’s headboard and new immediately I wanted to transform it into a shabby chic style headboard for a little girl’s room.

First I had to add a few details so it would work with the height of a 2010 bed.  The frame was about 12″ too short.  I simply added 2 blocks of wood attached with brackets at the base of each leg.  Then I added a horizontal board at the place where the mattress would reach the headboard.

Once the frame was the right size, I then sanded all over with an electric sander and wiped away any dust.  Next, I spray painted a coat of primer (white).  Once it was dry, I then painted 2 coats of interior flat paint (waiting for dry time in between each coat).

Finishing coat: Minwax polycrylic clear semi-gloss finish (2 coats)

The finished product was just the look this room needed.  It is a focal point of the room.  An awesome detail – the headboard was a budget friendly $20.

Nursery paint colors

Here the middle stripe and curved wall (once blue) have been painted lavender to coordinate with the new bedding.  My client liked the look of the existing room, but didn’t know how to incorporate the color scheme with her new lavender & yellow baby bedding.  My advice: I suggested not painting the room lavender & yellow because it matched the crib sheets.

Committing to such a strong color palette will limit your choices.  What will you do with all the pink goodies that you will receive when everyone finds out you are having a girl? What do you do when your toddler no longer likes lavender? Adding more color in the room not only gives you more design freedom, it also adds visual depth.

Solution: we kept the yellow, green, and brown accent stripe and painted over all the blue with a muted lavender tone.  Next step is to add more pink and green accent colors in the drapery panels and pillows.  So when the room is finished it will have a layered color scheme, each color building on the next.  Instead of an out of the box lavender & yellow room.



Custom designed baby boy nursery gets refitted to welcome a baby girl

I’m coming back to a room I remember well.  It was first designed for a baby boy.  Now the room has a new owner, and is going to be the home to a baby girl come early 2011.  The new home owners called me because they liked the look of the painted stripes in the room, but it didn’t go with their lavender and yellow nursery scheme.  The challenge: how to update the room from baby boy to baby girl.